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I’m Oriane, a French student from New-Caledonia, passionate about marketing and how getting customers interested and loyal to a brand.

Currently studying at Unitec, Auckland, I want to work as a brand manager on my return to New-Caledonia and help my country developing bonds with our neighbours as Australia, New-Zealand and even China and Japan.

My mission is to help companies developing and enhancing bonds with their customers as the markets are getting more and more competitive, especially in the area of television, which is quite a mature sector with strong competitors.

My main values are to listen to people and share ideas with others. As we are living and working with other personalities and minds, it is really important to me to be honest and respectful. I also think that we need to stay positive, trust in ourselves and give our best in everything we do, this is the only way to achieve goals and develop other ones.

For the television industry, I consider myself as an expert as I’ve worked for different TV channels in France, New-Caledonia and Australia. I know how TV world works  and I’m able to use and implement solutions that will help a company makes its customers loyal. I like to make use of my skills and my knowledge in this area.

The fact that I was born in France and I moved to New-Caledonia and now in New-Zealand, shows that I am able to change and move if there is opportunity to seize or even just to discover new places. I’m not afraid of moving and traveling to new countries because « Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer » (Author unknown).

I’m proud of being open-minded and ready to learn, work and meet new people. I think being open-minded is important because we are always surrounded by different people. This is also why I’m happy to say that I like meeting new people and discuss with them because it is essential to share ideas, values and points of interest.

I’m really proud of the fact that I organized a series of events for CANAL+ New Caledonia, gathering more than 5,000 people. It was a tough job because I had to manage artists, co-workers, suppliers and customers. We organized five afternoons in different places of New-Caledonia, from the South to the North, sometimes in remote places, so I can tell that I’m happy I had contributed to make customers happy. We had a lot of positive feedback from them,because they said it is not often that a company organize such big event to thank its customers. I think this experience definitely helped me making my choice to work as a brand manager, particularly in the audiovisual environment.

In addition, I’d like to be known for who I am: a persistent, motivated, open-minded and enthusiastic person. I’m doing all my best every time I do something, whether it is in my job, at school or in my personal life. I never give up and I persist to do things I truly believe in. People know they can count on me because I think everything is based on mutual help and respect.

My personal definition of success is being able to do things you like and feeling that you are “complete”: you are able to manage your professional and personal life. Success is subjective and is not just about work, it is also about your life in general. I think that when you wake up every morning and are happy about the day to come, that’s success, because every aspect of your life satisfies you.


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