Impact of digital platforms on customer behaviour

Nowadays, more and more people decide to purchase online, and for different reasons: easy to make comparisons, less time-consuming, can be done anywhere there is an Internet connection…


As an example, 87% of Indians, Chinese and Australian purchase online and about 81% to 85% in Europe and America. But how can social media influence customer behaviour?

  1. The concept of community

With social media, it is much easier to communicate with people and brands. Indeed, as people are getting more and more expert, they are able to communicate about their purchase in order to explain their satisfaction or their disappointment. Customers are now the « ambassadors » of the brand they like and at the opposite, they will not hesitate to talk about a bad experience they had with such or such brand.


2. Practicity of use

With the expansion of Wi-Fi, 4G and mobile connexion through laptops, smartphones and tablets, it is much easier for customers to make their purchase. In fact, they don’t need to go a store anymore as they can easily make comparisons, ask for feedback all of that with just a device.

3. Building relationship between customers and brands

By purchasing online and checking information through social media, customers are getting close to the brands they like because the firms will interact with them on different platforms. They will create games and offer different discounts for people following them or posting pictures for example. That will help creating positive impact into consumers’ mind and make them keen to buy more.

So we can say that social media are efficient to attract, convert and keep customers.

brand reaching customer



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