Tips to choose the best digital platforms for your business


Deciding which social media to use is important in a digital marketing strategy. Indeed, choosing one rather than another will have consequences in terms of content, cost and target.

Before deciding which social media to use, the firm has to ask itself different questions: who is the target? What are we going to publish? Why using social social networking websites?


  1. Define what kind of content you want to publish

Regarding to the type of business you own, it is important to define the content you want to share because it will – partially – help to sign up for this or that social media. For example, if you only to share pictures, Instagram or Pinterest would be really appropriate. If you want to share content other than just pictures, you will prefer the most used social media, Facebook, Twitter and even Google+.

2. Set up your budget

Determine the  budget you will spend on a digital campaign is crucial to be efficient. Nowadays, firms spend about 13% of their budget into social media. A firm that will spend more in social media than the other companies will create a competitive advantage and get more visibility.


3. Focus on 1 or 2 social media

It’s better to focus on the digital platforms that will best match your target, budget and vision and master them, rather than being just « acceptable » on several social media.

4. Have fun using social networking websites

Even if you have to stay focused and professional to deliver the good message to the good target, is it important to enjoy using these new channels and it is an ooportunity to give a new breathe to your brand. It’s also a way to get closer to your customers so don’t miss that chance to get feedback and improve you relationship to keep them loyal.

Here is a picture providing different tips to help choosing social media:

social-media-networks1You can also watch this video on Youtube:

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