What future for social media?


Whether it is for personal of professional purposes, we are now all connected to different social networking website: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Tumblr… Individuals use them for sharing contents, posting pictures or chatting. Brands use them for publishing contents, getting their customers involved and attracting new customers and especially young people through those new chanels of communication.

By using social media, firms and individuals keep connecting to the rest of the world, but what are the current trends? What is the future for those social networking websites?

With people more and more connected, social media have to adapt and « follow the mood ».


  1. Posting more valuable content

Content is the key for firms that want to differentiate and attract customers and potential customers. In the next few years, valuable content will be the key of a good digital marketing strategy.

2. Multimedia content

More than just pictures, people as well as companies are moving to more « animated » contents, such as videos, podcasts or music. It is important to make viewers feeling emotions and using multimedia content helps transmitting messages.

3. Using social media for database

With social media, firms can compile and gather a large amount of information about their clients, competitors and trends (age, profile, internet consumption…) they will make use of when creating marketing campaigns.

4. Different devices

Users are now using different devices to connect to Internet, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets or even watches. It is essential for the firms to adapt their content to those different devices as it will help enhance the fluidity of surfing.

This video shows the evolution about social media from 2015 to 2019:

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