Impact of using digital platforms for television


The world is now totally connected, and digital platforms are a way to reach and keep customers loyal.

Television has understood that too, and the industry is using social media and digital platforms as a way to know more about their customers and how to satisfy them.

According to a survey conducted by YoY, 90% of TV viewers are using Youtube and Google search to extend the experience and discover more about a program, a TV channel, an event or anything related.


New behaviours have appeared such as viral video sharing, better audience, live comments. TV channels have seen significant increase in internets users’ actions that mean their programs are researched by users. Indeed, people want to know more about their favourite programs such as exclusive images or backstage for example.

TV channels are able to determine how many singles users and how many times their names/programs have been researched, which can show the popularity. It is an interesting indicator that can be compared with competitors’ influence on internet and helps the company develop or improve the digital strategy, as television is a very competitive industry.

Researches also show that some devices and social media are more used than others, which means the brand can decide to use more emails or Facebook for example.

Using social platforms can ensure a TV channel to keep or develop significant market share in the industry.

Fore more info about TV channels and internet, you can watch this video « the future of television« .

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