Tips to keep customers loyal


All companies know that: keeping customers loyal is a tough job, especially in a very competitive world.

Marketing is one of the key factors of success to keep and make them loyal to our brand. Why is it so important? Because keeping existing customers is much cheaper than trying to reach new ones. Indeed, you don’t  need to invest much is expensive campaigns, because they are already clients.

So, how to keep them loyal?

  1. Know your customers

It is essential that a firm know its customers. Implementing a good CRM is the best way to collect and gather all the information related to your clients (age, profession, sex…) and offering more adapted products or services. It also helps to implement the second point, making them feel special.

2. Make them feel special

Customers like being the center of attention of a company. Indeed, they spend money to buy the products from a brand, so they are expecting to gets attention in return, such as discounts of special offers example. There is different ways to make them feel special: a gift for their birthday, a loyalty card, special events…

3. Know your competitors

As the world is getting more and more competitive, brands have to establish a solid position to compete with competitors, and give their customers things competitors don’t, such as: price, after sale service, delivery, insurance… Those are little things but they can make the difference.

This article written by Dorie Clark talks about another way to keep customers loyal: the 3 Cs.

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