How to get customers involved? Tips and advice

The concept of crowdsourcing has been developped over the past ten years… But what is it?


It is a new form of work, involving customers in the creative process. More than just ideas, it implies that the company has to be « open » to ideas and able to sort them out to use them efficiently.

Among all the different type of crowdsourcing available, companies should read this article talking about how to choose the best type of crowdsourcing for each business.

From surveys, to demand for new names for products, and even the choice of a new product itself, companies are asking their customers to give their opinion, to share ideas and debate on various subjets (name, color, logo…).

But how efficient this strategy can be, firms have to manage different disadvantages such a low rate of participation, ideas that don’t cope with the company’s philosophy or even bad comments from non customers.

Conducting a benchmark of what the other companies do is certainly a good way to find usable ideas and information in order to implement a « crowdsourcing operation ».

For more information about the concept of crowdsourcing, I invite you to read this article written by the entrepreneur Chris Cancialosi. Tony Jeff has also written about how to involve customers and use their ideas in the creative process.


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